Crank Brothers Sterling Pump Review

IMG_4392Mini-review of mini-pump.

I formerly had a tiny (Bontrager) pump I’d keep in a jersey pocket.  And then one day I needed it.

4,253 pumps later, my road tire was hard enough to ride on without being on the rim, but nowhere near inflated.

I resolved to get a pump that would actually work when needed.  After much research, I ended up getting  Crank Brothers Sterling.

Things I love:

  1. The head locks onto valve stems securely and doesn’t leak.
  2. The pump has a 2 stage system that you can switch between high pressure and high volume.  This allows you to pump in high volume mode with MTB tires and high-pressure mode with road tires.  It also allows you to start pumping road tires in volume mode, and then finish them off in pressure mode.  It greatly reduces pumping time.
  3. The included mount was convenient and works well on the Horsethief.
  4. For road use, the pump is small enough to easily fit in a jersey pocket–it’s a great compromise size between utility and convenience.  Smaller would impair functionality too greatly.

This pump does not have a hose, which I had initially wanted.  However, since the head locks on so securely, it has not proven to be an issue for me.  I’ve had to use it 3x with flats over the past year, and it has worked with aplomb.

Inexpensive, reliable, functions well, aesthetically pleasing.  Can’t ask for much more than that.


3 thoughts on “Crank Brothers Sterling Pump Review

  1. Curious why you wouldn’t opt for CO2? They only take two seconds to fill a tire, though they obviously take some practice to get the hang of… there is that.

    • I carry 2 CO2 cartridges, and they’re definitely the first line. However, I often find myself riding solo these days, and have had experiences where a CO2 is bad, or the inflator breaks, or you just have a bad day and need more than 2 cartridges. A pump is a perfect backup.

      • Yep, I kind of figured that would be the case. Air pumps are definitely the thing for the solo cyclist, especially when you’re going out on long-ish adventure rides.

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