Zipp 202 Tubeless Update

I’m now over a year into my Zipp 202 Tubeless experiment.  As per my initial update, they continue to work flawlessly.


As pictured, I’m running a set of 40C Maxxis Ramblers.  The Ramblers set up tubeless with about 1 ‘red cup’ of Stan’s, and have been flawless since inception.  A little shake, rattle, roll and bounce, and they were good to go.  Given their volume, I never really run over 40-45 PSI in them…if I’m riding hard surfaces, I’ll typically run 40 up front and 45 in the rear (with my 155# weight).  On softer surfaces, I’ll drop pressure, and have run as low as 25 up front and 30 in the rear without any ill effect.

The Zipps continue to impress me with their durability, rigidity and great feel.  I still believe they offer greater vertical compliance than do ENVE XCs, although I would not trust these on the Mandem, with their low spoke count.

All in all, a great set of wheels on a beautiful bike.


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