Madone and Moots for Sale

If you’re a regular reader here, you know of the two amazing bikes that I’ve put together over the years, with DI2, and carbon, and titanium, and awesomeness.  The Madone and the Moots.  Search the site and you’ll find pictures and stories galore.

They’re both for sale.


This is a 2014 Moots Routt–this was the first of the “new geometry” Moots, with a slightly lower BB height and a little slacker steering–the exact geometry that they went with on the current year’s model.

Drivetrain is Dura-Ace cranks with Ultegra Di2 shifting and Ultegra hydraulic brakes front/rear, with Shimano XT Ice rotors. BB is newly replaced Ultegra BB (because if you’ve run different Shimano BBs, you know that Ultegra are the best and last longer than their others).

Handlebars are 44cm ENVE compact road drop bars, stem is ENVE carbon stem, fork is ENVE disc-compatible CX fork.

Eriksen Ti Sweetpost.

Does not include saddle, pedals or bottle cages. Wheels shown in photograph are NOT included–it presently is sporting a nice set of unbranded Velocity wheels–they’re A23s without the brand labels on them.

There is some pedal rub on the cranks–Happy to post a current picture for an interested buyer.

This has all stops pulled. All the bells and whistles. As nice and as good as it gets. Contact me with any questions.

Will ship to CONUS.  $4750.



This is a 2013 Trek Madone, Project One 7 series. Features Quarq SRAM RED cranks with powermeter, ceramic bb, Shimano Ultegra DI2 2×11 drivetrain with 11-25 cassette, Bontrager XXX stem, ENVE Road Drop Bars (Compact, 44cm), ENVE 3.4 SES Disc wheels with DT240s hubs, Bontrager brakes, Continental GP4000S tires (25c).

Things shown in pictures that aren’t included: pedals, bottle cages, and saddle. I have a saddle I can throw on the bike, but frankly, this bike deserves a perfect saddle that you pick.

Full disclosure statements: there is a small chip in the paint in the drive-side chainstay. I haven’t used the power meter in about a year, and I’m sure it should be sent in to be calibrated.

That’s it. The wheels are from here in flatlandia–there’s no wear on them. They’re on the first set of ENVE brake pads…and I’ve always exclusively used ENVE pads on them. Each part was picked based upon extensive research for the best possible build in the world.

It’s been lovingly ridden and maintained, and I’m sorry to see it go, but all things must go at some point. Will ship to CONUS, in the original box (as I bought this new, and kept the original packaging).  $3750.


12 thoughts on “Madone and Moots for Sale

  1. THANKS. Just realized my PX (ordered in 2/14) has the same geo as the current Routt. Mistakenly i thought i was sporting the current PX with higher BB. The only thing i thought i was missing was lower BB & more rear CS clearance but after running MSO 36 at DK this year i realized i wouldn’t want to risk longer CSs just to accommodate 4mm of additional rubber(thanks to all your comments on going longer in the rear). Also, didn’t realize your Routt wasn’t a “45”. Anyway, hope all the questions didn’t waste too much time.

    BTW, excellent Metric this year! Cant wait for the Bison. Both rides are way worth a fee to cover expenses and take care of the less fortunate. Don’t let these rides disappear. Hope you know how much they are appreciated but you should not take a hit to keep them alive.

  2. Great blog!

    I have a question but not sure where to post it; I’m looking into Moots right now from Japan, where test rides are out, for at least six months-to-a-year when I can take a trip back to the US. I was really curious about the ride of the Psycho X versus the Routt…with the current Routt 45 having the slack(er) geometry and clearance for 45 c tires, I was thinking about that for long distances across varied terrain, but I’m concerned it might not be quick enough in the corners or technical stuff, or generally less “fun.” I guess the question would be: Do I aim for a more regular cyclocross geometry with the Psychlo and accept the smaller tire clearance for the longer rides/bikepacking, or aim for the big-clearance and long-ride comfort of the Routt and deal with some sluggishness with the technical parts?


    • There are 3 different bikes to consider:
      Psychlo X: Higher BB, more aggressive steering, clearance for 35c tires.
      Routt: Lower bb, slacker steering, clearance for 35c tires.
      Routt 45: Lower bb, slacker steering, 1″ longer chain stays, clearance for 45c tires.

      Having spent a lot of time on “gravel” bikes with shorter and longer chainstays, I wouldn’t get a Routt 45. The impact on handling is just too severe for my taste. If they made the 45 with shorter chain stays, that’d be ideal. I begged Moots for that bike, but they said it couldn’t be done. That’s one of the big reasons I sold my Moots (and I’m getting a bike that has short stays and clearance for 40s). As far as PX versus Routt, unless you’re just doing CX racing, the Routt is a far better option. It feels just as fast, but is less tiresome and nervous to ride. The “American CX” geometry is better than the “Euro CX” geo, IMO.

      I got away with a lot on a Routt with a 34 in the rear and 38 up front (front clearance is great with the ENVE CX fork), but really, I wouldn’t go larger than 34c in the back if you want good mud clearance. But in the end, I wasn’t willing to accept either compromise, so I found a bike that has short stays and good clearance.

      • Did Moots revert to a more standard cross geo on PX when releasing the Routt? My PX std 56 geo(ordered in 2014 rec’d in 2015) has same geo as current Routt,

      • Steve, I’m not sure–I know that for 2013 to early 2014 PXs, the HT angle was steeper on the PX and the BB was higher, in comparison to late year 2014 PXs and all Routts. Looking at current geo, HT angle and chainstay length are the same on the PX and the Routt, but the Routt has more bb drop (6.1 on the PX, 6.9 on the Routt).

      • Thanks for your help, that’s good to know. Before reading your reply, I had decided to ask Moots if they’d consider upping the clearance on the PX, but if it can’t be done, another builder might be the way to go.

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