Kask Mojito Helmet Review

I’ve previously written about the Kask Vertigo helmet, which I’ve used for a year now and have come to love.  In fact, during my trip to Steamboat last fall, the Vertigo saved me from serious injury when I went OTB into a creekbed, landing helmet-first on a rock.  My bell was rung for a minute or so, but I continued the ride otherwise unscathed, and greatly appreciated how my helmet held up and performed when I needed it.

This year, I’ve been riding for the past few weeks with a Kask Mojito.  The Mojito weighs about 30 grams less than the Vertigo (and significantly less than my old Lazers), which is appreciated on the head.

Comfort-wise, the Mojito is fantastic.  I wear a Large.  The chinstrap is covered in soft leather where it touches your face, and is infinitely adjustable, including great adjustment around the ears to ensure that the straps aren’t pressing on your ears or head in an uncomfortable fashion.

The key to the Mojito’s comfort, however, is the feature that it shares with the Vertigo.  The band at the back of the helmet is hinged where it attaches to your head.  That means that you can adjust the band up or down to ride higher or lower on your head.  For example, if it hits the edge of your cap, you can move the band higher or lower.  If you want a more secure fit, you can lower it down further on your head, and use the adjuster to pull the helmet down securely from the rear.  It provides adjustment in a vertical axis that most helmets do not have, and I cannot overemphasize how critical that has proven to be in making this helmet one of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

In this picture, right where the rear band goes up into the helmet, the ‘hinge’ is on the inside of the helmet.

Ventilation and comfort are great.

This is the custom Axletree edition…

The dial adjuster on the rear band is easy to use, even with gloves, and provides an amazing range of motion–making it easy to wear this helmet with no cap, or with the thickest covering you can put on your head.

I haven’t had the chance to wear this in warm weather yet, but the vents look to be very effective, and I’m confident it will perform much like the Vertigo when the sun eventually does come out.

So Kask Helmets: they’re light.  They’re stylish.  They’re the most comfortable helmets I’ve ever worn.  And they protect your noggin when you get in over your head, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “Kask Mojito Helmet Review

  1. So, after wearing both the Vertigo and the Mojito, if you could choose either (taking price out of the equation), which would you choose? Can you tell a significant difference in the weight between the helmets?

    • Honestly, there are some minor variances in fit between the two; I’d try both and see which was more comfortable for you. The cost difference is $25, and I can’t really detect it. I like the straps on the Vertigo just a smidge better, but I’ve worn the Mojito for 10 hour rides and have no complaints about it.

      I cannot detect a weight difference between the helmets.

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