Support CAMBR, Support Andres Bike Park!

In just under 2 weeks, voting will go live on Bell Helmets’ Dream Trail project for the midwest.  One of the contenders is a local group, the Chicago Area Mountain Bike Riders association.  CAMBR is working on building a new bike park, called the Andres Bike Park. If you click through to the link, you’ll see that they’re doing some amazing things.  I’ll repost in a couple of weeks when this goes live, but in the interim, we’re working with CAMBR to help get the word out, and to request support for a fantastic midwest bike advocacy project–we’re talking high-quality, IMBA-compliant trails, right here in the Chicagoland area.


If you’re seeing this post in a couple of weeks, the link for voting is here.


2 thoughts on “Support CAMBR, Support Andres Bike Park!

  1. Thanks for the write up! We are all working so very hard over at ABP. This grant would mean so much to not just the riders or the local kids but also to a community looking to share a great space in Andres Park. Win, loose or draw we will be there providing sweat equity to a great cause. There are plenty of ways to be apart of Andres Bike Park and we’re always looking to make new friends. Follow our progress at any of these places:

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