Stevil Kinevil, being a generally awesome person, posted up this today.  In his post, he reprints an email that I had sent him, asking him to share some of his internet fame with the new Axletree kit that I’ve blogged about extensively on here, and over on the Axletree site.

Not realizing that he was just going to republish my email, I started with a link to this blog.  My email to him was about Axletree, and while I certainly appreciate a link to my blog being published, my primary goal with contacting AHTBM was getting the word out about the Axletree kits.  So if you’re jumping the link to this site from AHTBM and only have a few minutes, instead of lingering here, jump over to Axletree and see what we’re doing.

Take a look at our 2013 accomplishments.

Take a look at the 2014 Blbbrbk.

And then take a look at the Kits.

And then order a kit.

If you have more time to browse around here, great.  Do so, and let me know what you think.  But if your time is limited, go directly to Axletree…because it’s awesome.

Stevil is pretty awesome too, and I’m very thankful that he picked up my request and ran with it.  Malt liquor and local bike advocacy.  They go together like…………

Anyhow, thanks Stevil.  You rock!

All Hail All Hail The Black Market.


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