Into the Woods: Beargrease

I pre-rode the BLBBRBK course for a few hours yesterday, working out details and checking on a few pending items on my to-do list.  I brought along the big camera and took a few minutes to shoot some Beargrease love.  The shots speak for themselves.

I think I like a lot of the shots better in B/W.

The view from the bike.

Yes, I was there, too.


2 thoughts on “Into the Woods: Beargrease

    • When I started riding, I had bar ends on everything. Big, honking, ugly bar ends.

      I then went to no bar ends.

      I then got a SS bike that came with these Mini bar ends. I loved them on the SS, because they gave me a ton of leverage. When I sold it, I moved them to the Beargrease–for the same reason. When really grinding through deep snow or trying to steer a straight line in a narrow snow track, the bar ends are fantastic. On longer rides, they also give a great alternate riding position to relax your hands/shoulders/arms.

      I love them with the ENVE bars–perfect angle. I will probably end up lowering my stem a bit (it’s about even with the saddle, maybe a smidge below), but the bend of the ENVE bars is perfect. I love the bar/stem/grip combo.

      It is an ENVE seat post. I haven’t had any issues with the seat post slipping into the frame–although I used carbon assembly lube there. I initially had a problem getting the saddle properly torqued (ENVE seat post + carbon rail saddle), and had issues with the saddle tipping on rides. I ended up disassembling the seat post clamp and following ENVE’s assembly/lubrication instructions in a very detailed fashion, again using carbon assembly lube. Since then, I’ve had no issues of any kind, and it works perfectly.

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