I hurt myself today.

On the bike.

In ways that I haven’t hurt myself in a long time.

I blame a Facebook friend.

For this:


Madone, on a trainer, in the garage.  It was about 45 degrees in the garage.  I was riding in bib-shorts and a long-sleeve jersey, and had steam coming off of me…literally.  I did about 8 minutes of warmup, and then hit it, while watching Operation Pacific on Youtube.

It sucked.  Big time.

I don’t have a frame of reference for what “all out” should be.  My “all out” varied in wattage at different points in the ride.  I’m wondering if that’s ok, or if I should shoot to hold a certain average wattage when going ‘all out’.  I also don’t know what the recovery ride should be. Just pedaling along gently?  Maintain a certain minimum wattage?

I’m really not fond of riding the trainer, but it is January, and I’m starting to feel a need to have more structure to some of my rides.  A trainer is about the best way to cram productive suffering into an early morning, pre-work ride that I’ve found.  I wore a heart rate monitor for the first time in a long time…that was interesting.  When going into recovery, my % of MHR dropped almost immediately to 60-65%.  When ramping up to maximum effort, it was really, really hard to get over 95% of MHR.  That’s high, but a year ago if I did max effort on the trainer, my heart rate would take a really long time to drop a meaningful amount, and I’d easily blow up into 105-110% of MHR.  So from a cardiovascular perspective, I’m pretty significantly improved.  (And if I dare say so, my heartrate has decreased while my wattage has increased).

In any event, there was pain, in pyramidal form.  Truth in advertising and all.

And yes, the Moots is still for sale.



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