45NRTH Wolvhammers Review Update

I wrote a pretty detailed review of the 45NRTH boots last year, along with an update after doing a frozen century.  Here’s an update from this year.

Last saturday, I busted out my Wolfies for the first time this season.  Temps were around 20, winds were around 20mph, and it was chilly.  That sounded like a perfect time to ride a fatbike in a river.

No, really.

You see, the Kish looked pretty low.  It looked totally rideable.  And it was rideable, until it got waaaaaayyyyy deeper than I anticipated.  And when you’re clipped in on a bike, you can’t exactly throw it into reverse and back out of a bad situation.  Accordingly, I had to stop and put a foot down.  And then 2 feet down.

What these cellphone pics show is me working my way to the bank to get out.

Sooo….how waterproof are the Wolfies?

Totally.  I was in water that was almost all the way up to the top of the Wolfies, and they were completely waterproof.  They performed far better than I had any right to expect.




And then I stepped in deep water, over the top of the boots.  Rather unsurprisingly, when you step in water deeper than the boots, your feet get wet.  And the boots are waterproof.  So when water gets in your boot, it doesn’t come out.

The good news is that the boots are super warm, even when wet, so my feet stayed relatively warm even though my boots were full of cold water.

Because of the way the boots close up, with a cinch-cord, they never get exactly tight on your foot.  They don’t fit like a cycling shoe.  That’s ok, though…the looser fit helps keep your foot warm, and helps keep good foot circulation going in cold temps.

With a cleat cover under the cleats, I have no issues riding with my Crank Brothers eggbeaters, or with Candys.  Clipping in and out is positive and secure.  When you install your cleats, make sure you put a healthy coating of grease on the screws, if you ever want to be able to get the cleats out.  I learned that one the hard way.

45NRTH released some information on how to use the zippers on the boots–apparently, some are having issues with zipper breakage.  I haven’t had that problem, but then again, I treat my gear with great care.  I’m looking forward to another season of use with these boots, and even with my cold hands/feet, they make it comfortable to ride in just about any weather you can imagine.  I wouldn’t wear them on a road bike, but they’re good for just about anything else, in just about any weather.


5 thoughts on “45NRTH Wolvhammers Review Update

  1. Picked up a pair of these Monday. Tuesday was my first commute with warm feet this season. It was -10c in the morning. Freezing rain, snow, sleet in the dark on the way home. I was glad I had one less thing to worry about. Great boots! Now to get that fat bike!

  2. I have a pair and think they are brilliant. I haven’t ridden them though a creek (only rain) but my feet stayed nice and toasty and dry.

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