Salsa Carbon Beargrease XX1: The Pictures

It’s started gently snowing here today.  The mix of a wintry blend of snrain and the leaves on the ground meant that it was perfect conditions for some Beargrease.  She’s a bit dirty from her last ride, but she looks good a little dirty…so I didn’t clean her up for the camera.  She still has some dirt on her from the first ride out the door of North Central Cyclery.

Front DT Swiss RWS Thru-Axle.

Salsa by Formula hub and Avid XX Brakes.

This bike is all-ate-up with tire.

And generous tire clearance at the fork.

What a cassette!

Mondo clearance at the seatstays, too.


Eggbeater 11s.

I haven’t removed the protective film from the frame guard yet.

28T chainring fits fine.  Room for a 32?

Bontrager RXL cages.


Ergon SM3 Pro Carbon.  (Howzabout that matching little green label, eh?)

Thomson Stem.

Adventure by Bike.

Ride Axletree.

Look at all the little green bits that pop out.

Barely Perceptible…



This post supplements the preliminary review and 130 mile report.


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