North Central Cyclery Moots Minotaur

I haven’t been this excited about a bike that isn’t mine in, like, ever.

This is an amazing bike.  Grav-onstercros-ingletrack.  Full details are up on the NCC blog over here.  I won’t repeat, except to say that the specs are delicious.  The components are high-zoot ones that I’d pick, and sensible choices given the intended nature of this bike.

Take a look.

Also, some pretty sweet photography by Joshua Arends.


9 thoughts on “North Central Cyclery Moots Minotaur

    • Start with a Psychlo X.

      Add about a cm to the Headtube.

      Add a little over an inch to the chainstays.

      Make room for nearly 2″ 29er tires.

      Bake until beautiful.

  1. I have a question about the minotur build you have on Flickr. I understand the desire to run the cables in full housing under the top tube since this 1. isnt a cross bike, and keeps the cables clean etc for long dirt and gravel rides but that raises the question as to why the use of front derailleur pulleys and a bottom pull derailleur instead of a top pull derailleur to eliminate the need for the pulley. Don’t pulleys get gummed up? Love the bike and love your site. Plan to visit on my next rip to Chicago but was just wondering since my only experience with Derailleur wheel pulleys didn’t fair so well. If you have a better pulley system, would love to know what brand etc.

    • Brian,

      One of the fantastic things about the Minotaur design is that, with the placement of the cable stop for the FD, you can use either a top-pull FD or a bottom pull FD with the pulley wheel. I tend to agree with you: a FD would be cleaner and less likely to be gunked up…and it works perfectly (we’ve tried it).

      That said, when I built up my first Moots, I had concerns about the pulley getting gunked up (right in front of the rear tire and all), but they’ve proven to be unfounded. The pulley setup functions cleanly and flawlessly…and I think that’s in large measure due to the pretty big amount of cable exposed and the downward facing cable housing, so you don’t get crud going up into the cable housing and causing binding. The pulley itself moves freely.

      As far as the cable location on the top tube, you can run them either above or below the top tube; that’s a owner-spec decision at the time of build. I like the under-tube mounting because: 1) it is cleaner; and, 2) if you run a top tube bag, the bag hangs from the tube, rather than hanging from the cable housing.

      As far as full length housing versus non-full length, whether for a cross bike or not, I support full length housing. The weight penalty is negligible, and the reliability increase is huge.

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