St. Charles Criterium

On Sunday, I rode out to St. Charles to watch the Intelligentsia Cup Prairie State Criterium.

Sidenote: I rode the Brompton, after converting it to 6 speed.  I’ll have details on that at some point…but it was a nice, pleasurable, easy ride.  The Brompton always draws a crowd.

The primary purpose for my going was to watch my friend, Lenny, hammer on the other riders in the Masters 1-2-3 race.  While most of the pack had $10,000 bikes with fancy wheels, Lenny was sporting a stock Madone 4, alloy wheels, and a helmet that appears to be older than me.  He can still wipe the floor with me.

I brought the big camera, for fun.

Giving the thumbs-up, resplendent in North Central Cyclery kit.

Nah, just kidding.

A little pre-race pep talk from his coach.

Out in the pack, early in the race.

Gettin’ fast.

Going for the break.

Time to sprint.

The long and winding road.

All smiles, after the race.

Lenny’s a monster, so it was fun watching him on the course.  Everyone on the Wednesday night rides has a lot to learn from him–about training, tactics, and courteous riding.  Seeing him out there kindled a little competitive spirit in me.  Racing next year?  This fall?


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