I was really looking forward to Chequamegon this year, and felt prepared for the 100 mile race, riding the Superfish.  Unfortunately, the organizers failed to pre-order good weather, so when they received over 5 inches of rain in 2 days, the event was cancelled.  Chad and I were planning on heading up together on Friday, and we got the news just as we were about to roll out of DeKalb.  With both of us having loaded bikes and the afternoon off, we did the only thing that we could do.  We looked at the weather, to find somewhere else to ride.  The radar map showed precipitation from Canada all the way down to Peoria, IL.

So we loaded up and headed to Peoria.

We spent the day at Indy in Peoria, and had a blast.

Chad was rocking the Krampus, and I was on the ‘fish.

He was in front, and I was (perpetually) behind.

Conditions started good, and then notwithstanding’s promise, it started to rain.

The trails got a bit wet, but we weren’t making any tracks, and our tires weren’t balling up too badly.

This was about as bad as it got, with my Rocket Rons:

The Knards on the Krampus didn’t pack at all.

But…some obstacles got too slick and had to be walked.

We rode conservatively, preferring to save the trail rather than doing macho attacks that would have left ruts.

We finished a great day of riding…

Riding with Chad on a mountain bike perpetually reminds me that I still brake too much.  His riding is elegant–riding the Krampus like a big BMX.  I catch him on the flats and on the climbs, but on the downhills, he just walks away from me.  Particularly when things got a bit greasy, I slowed way down, and he plowed through.

We found a nearby cistern to wash off at.  A little Bob Evans dinner, and we headed back home.


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