Gore Windstopper Singlets and Arm Warmers

I’ve previously written of my affinity for the Gore Singlet.

Sunday, at the Gravel Metric, I wasn’t sure what weather conditions would be.  Temps started around 50 and were to go up to 60.  Sun was predicted, but there was a 30% chance of rain.

I ended up going with shorts and a short-sleeve jersey.  Underneath, I wore a Gore Windstopper Singlet, and windstopper arm warmers.  The singlet is comfy in most conditions.  At 60 degrees, it’s still comfy (although much warmer, and I’d rather go into one of the mesh, non-windstopper) singlets).  But starting out in the upper 40s to right at 50, I was cold when standing still in the singlet, and warm once riding.

The armwarmers were intended to stay on for the early, chillier part of the ride, and to come off as temps warmed up.  As it was, temps just reached 60 before they plunged and it started raining…so my armwarmers never came off.

When it started dripping a bit, the water beaded up on my armwarmers.  Even as the rain increased in severity (to the point of full-on dumping), the armwarmers were surprisingly water-resistant.  My hands got soaked, my legs got soaked, my head got soaked…but my torso was comfortable and surprisingly dry, as were my arms.  The armwarmers fit perfectly, and even with the rain and difficult conditions, they did not slide down or otherwise have any fitment issues.  I cannot make any recommendations for changes–they were great.  Because they’re windstopper, they are nicely ‘stretchy’ and comfortable for long-term wear.  I’ve had them for about 10 months now, and they’re holding up perfectly.

I’ve had my singlets for about 8 months.  I have 2 of them, and have been wearing them 3-4 times per week for most of that period (until the temps recently warmed up).  They show no signs of wear either…and I run them through the washer after every use.  It’s great kit.

I had my Gore Oxygen jacket in my hydration pack, and thought about stopping to put it on…but didn’t.  By the time I realized it was really going to rain, my jersey was soaked (but I was still warm), so I didn’t see a point in putting it on.  In any event, I was comfortable as-was.  The armwarmers and singlet…they’re among my favorite pieces of gear.  You may notice a theme here…my Gore wear.  I love it.


4 thoughts on “Gore Windstopper Singlets and Arm Warmers

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