Kuat NV Rack Update (4 Bike Carrier)

As you may have seen, on Friday, a group of 4 of us drove up to Spring Valley, MN for the Almanzo.  I’ve previously written about my Kuat NV 2 bike carrier here, which I updated here and then updated here.  Those were all on the 2 bike carrier.

To transport 4 bikes, Kuat makes a 2 bike add-on carrier.  Tobie had one, so we bolted it on my Pathfinder and headed north.

The conversion to a 4 bike carrier took all of 3 minutes.  Seriously.  The plastic top cap had to be removed, and then there were 4 bolts that had to be tightened down.

These are the 4 bolts that hold it on:

So it is a very simple job to extend the 2 bike carrier into a 4 bike carrier.

The functionality of the bike carrier is identical as a 4 bike carrier as well.

It was rock steady with 4 bikes on it, at some relatively elevated speeds, in a pretty decent rainstorm.  It worked perfectly (and was holding a good $20k in bikes).  I cannot compliment the Kuat enough on its functionality and form–it’s awesome.  Pricey, but worth it.

The 4 bike carrier was a bit big for everyday use…I was glad to pop the extension off and go back to my “little” 2 bike carrier.  The 4 bike setup is just long and heavy–as required to make it sturdy and dependable.  The only other minor bad news was that if you wanted to tip the carrier down (to permit access to the rear hatch of the car with bikes on the rack), the carrier hit the ground.  Not a big deal, but a small annoyance.  (If it didn’t tip that far, though, the rear hatch probably wouldn’t have cleared.  I suppose that they cannot make it custom for every car…so it’s an annoyance I’d live with).

Again–no real complaints, and nothing but praise for the rack.  It is highly recommended.


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