Superfish 1×10 Update

With the latest drivetrain mods, I’m running an XX gripshifter that’s linked to an X0 Type 2 rear derailleur and an 11-36T XX cassette.

Up front, I’m running a 34T MRP Bling Ring, X0 cranks and an MRP chainkeeper.

From a chain retention and shifting perspective, it’s buttah.

Clearance on the MRP is perfect in the highest and lowest gear ratios.  Chain retention hasn’t been an issue at all…the chainkeeper is probably not necessary (but it’s simple insurance, and works well).  Shifting is telepathic.  The XX gripshift is the best shifter I’ve ever used, on any bike.  I have no long-term durability reports yet, but it’s great thus far.  Want to dump the whole cassette?  Go ahead.  Tick off a single gear under load?  Sure.  It will shift, any gear, any time, no complaints.  It’s perfection.  For 1x, I think the gripshift is ideal–simply because it will let me dump the whole cassette.  Bomb downhill, dump the cassette into granny, and climb up the far side.

Any concerns?  One: gearing.  With the climbs around here, a 34/36 gear ratio is more than adequate to muscle up a short, steep climb.  I need to research the climbs at Chequamegon, though.  Moderate intensity climbs of any length aren’t an issue…but long, super-steep climbs may be.  34/36 is 0.94 tire rotations per crank rotation.  If I swapped down to a 32T bling ring, that would be 0.88 t/c.  A 30t bling ring would be 0.83 t/c.

In comparison, the common 32T XX1 setup produces a 32/42 gear ratio, for a low gear of 0.76.  That’s a pretty big jump.  (About 20% more gear reduction than the current setup.

Also in comparison, my old 2x setup offered a 24/36 gearing option, which is a low gear of 0.66 t/c (about 30% more gear reduction than I have now).  (More gearing calcs here).

I’m not running out of gears on the top, even on the road, but I’m worried about prolonged climbs.  I’m not worried enough that I’m thinking about going back to a 2x setup…but worried enough that I’m going to do some research on Cheq climbing.




3 thoughts on “Superfish 1×10 Update

  1. I’ve been riding my Krampus with a 28×11-36 setup for a couple of months now. No chainguide, no problems so far with several hundred miles on it. Since it’s a pretty heavy bike, the 28×11 works OK on everything except downhills. The low gear 28×36 is fairly close to the 26×34 low gear on my Fargo, on which I can climb most anything. Every once in a while I wish for a bigger range; I think a XX1 setup with a 30T ring would be perfect.

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