The Serenity Prayer

I didn’t make Barry Roubaix.  After months and months of training, I didn’t make it.  How’s that for anti-climactic.

I rode fatbikes a ton for the past several months.  Other than vacation (when I ran), I haven’t gone a single week where I didn’t ride at least 3 times, if not more.  I’ve been doing hill repeats like an ______ (expletive).  I was ready.  And it wasn’t even Celiac’s that did me in.  My wonderful daughter had some sort of stomach virus this past Monday.  I thought I had escaped it…until Thursday night, around 9pm, when I suddenly felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  I was out with some friends, and excused myself to leave early.  I made it 2 blocks, before I got out of the car to puke in a park.  (Hey!  Alliteration!)  Thursday night was a night of gastric distress and no sleep, Friday was spent near death, flat on my back, Saturday was spent with the world’s worst ‘non-alcoholic’ hangover, and today, I’m starting to feel a little more normal.  My lovely bride went through the same thing…with onset about 90 minutes after mine started.

There’s no one to be mad at, and nothing I could’ve done differently.  So I missed Barry.  Yeah, it sucks.  No, I don’t want kind comments.  I just want to move on, but felt like I owed the blog some closure, since I’ve been building up to this for months.  One of my friends said, “you must have been really, really sick, to miss Barry.”  In some ways, that’s comforting, both because it reinforces my apparent hardass (stubborn?) reputation, and because it shows that my friends know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t blow off a race without an exceptionally good reason.

I’m turning a corner now, and looking down the road to the IVCA Dirty Mudder, Almanzo, the Gravel Metric and Chequamegon.  Good things are around the corner.  I’m kind of sad to look at the Mukluk, and for right now, it’s going up on the shelf until I can bring myself to spend more time with it.  In all likelihood, this will be the last season that I train on my Muk, as I’m looking to move to a Carbon Beargrease in the fall.  (So if you’re looking for an exceptionally bling’d out Muk 2, tubeless, Husker Dus, hydro brakes, etc., let me know).

It’s going to be a good spring, and a good year.  I’m really looking forward to some good rides with good friends.


One thought on “The Serenity Prayer

  1. It’s too bad you missed the race, but Barry-Roubaix was definitely not a fatbike race this year. I rode a disc CX, but could have done it on just about anything, including a road bike. The forecast warm-up never happened, keeping the roads frozen, rather than a sloppy mudfest.

    I’m interested in my first fatbike. I was going to build from scratch, but perhaps this is the one.

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