Kuat NV Review Update

Original Kuat NV review is here.

A brief update…It’s seen a lot of hard use this winter, including a lot of fatbike transportation.

Ride Axletree.

Fatbike transportation no longer requires a bungie strap, since North Central Cyclery picked up some fatbike adapters.

With the adapters, transporting a fatbike is a breeze…and if you’re transporting a skinny-tired bike, they come off easily and quickly.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the Kuat.  It’s been foolproof and bomb-proof.  Even after a winter of heavy salting, it’s come through relatively impervious.  Finish is still perfect, function is perfect.  I really have no complaints, and really no suggestions for improvement.  Lighter and smaller when off the car would be nice…but that would jeopardize functionality in use.  It’s really quite perfect.

In the durability front, I was rear-ended last week.  I was stopped, car behind me was stopped, and for whatever reason, the car behind me thought the light changed and drove right into me.  The rack was folded up, so he hit the hitch-tightener handle.  It dented his license plate and broke his license plate bracket, but did not cause any apparent damage to the rack (and the tensioner still functions perfectly).

If you need a rack for your car, in my opinion, Kuat is as good as it gets.  Also…if you’re on Facebook, follow them.  They post office wisdom every week, and it’s pretty entertaining.


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