The Worst Part of Valor

As the cliche goes, discretion is the better part of valor.

If that’s true, then today’s ride was the worse part of valor.

It was intended to be a Barry Roubaix training ride…30-40 miles of gravel on fat tire bikes.  Chubby tires were acceptable if you didn’t have fat available.  The weather conspired against us.  After quite a bit of snow over the past few weeks, we had low 30s and freezing rain.  What looked like wet gravel was actually glassy ice.

When we first turned off of pavement onto gravel, Tobie’s whole bike shifted about a foot to the side upon the first gust of wind.  Gravel covered with wet ice.  That’s what we rode.  It was just as crazy as it sounds.

I stopped once to carefully and closely inspect the ice.  It was hard, as ice tends to be.  It may have looked like I fell, but actually, I was practicing my “slide into second” technique, in case bike-baseball ever becomes a trend.  The safest spot to ride was actually in the ditch—when grass was visible (in areas where the plow trucks had pushed over a bit too far).  Here, you see Lenny in a rare moment of not pedaling…primarily because he’s trying to remain upright.

Even the spots that look like ‘loose gravel’ were covered in ice…which made for challenging riding.

It was a pretty bleak day.

In any event, ice or no ice, we rode a challenging ride and put in several good hours of fat training.  Barry, here we come.


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