45NRTH Jaztronaut Review

I’m very fond of my Shimano MW81 winter riding boots, and of my 45NRTH Wölvhammers.  When I saw that 45NRTH offered the same aerogel insole from the Wolfies for sale by itself, throwing a pair into the Shimanos made great sense.  The Shimanos are wonderful, waterproof boots…but the one area I do get cold coming through is the cleat.  Even with the stock insoles, cold comes up through the cleat on long rides.

The Jaztronauts aren’t that impressive on first glance:

But I got them for comfort, not for looks.

I normally wear a 44 cycling shoe, and I wear a 45 in the MW81s.  A pair of the 44/45 Jaztronaut insoles fit perfectly.  They are appreciably thicker than the Shimano insoles.

Comfort is great–they have a nice, ergonomic shape, and conform to the boots very nicely.

I’m very impressed with how well they isolate the cleat from the boot–no more problems with cold coming through…it’s really a noticeable change from the stock insoles.

That’s about it…they’re super comfy, and quite warm.  I’d say that they extended the comfort range of the MW-81s by about 10 degrees (colder).

One buyer’s note: if you can, try when you buy.  As noted above, I normally wear 44s, and upsized to 45s for winter boots.  Changing to these thicker insoles has taken some of that extra airspace.  They are by no means tight…but some of the extra volume is lost.  I don’t think I’d want 46s, but if you’re borderline, you should perhaps fit test before committing.

I can’t see any downside to these…they’re great in all regards…and a relatively inexpensive way to extend the utility of your bike shoes.  I can see these + a good shoe cover making a huge difference, even with “normal” non-winter cycling shoes.


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