Vaya + XO Rear Derailleur

Here’s a little Vaya update.

The stock SRAM Rival drivetrain has done well for many, many miles.  Over the past couple years, the Vaya has seen a lot of changes.  The Rival has worked well through a lot of abuse.

Yeah.  It gets used.

After years of faithful service and my A/R maintenance tendencies that are extensively documented on here, the Rival continued to be functional.  However, it was reaching the point that some replacement parts were needed.  Since I had recently installed a Type 2 XO Rear derailleur on the Superfish, I had the stock X0 rear derailleur sitting on a shelf.  Since the SRAM mountain and road derailleurs and brifters work well together, I decided to throw the X0 on the Vaya.

Install was straightforward.  My favorite change is the shortened loop for the rear derailleur cable/housing…it’s like the X0 was made for the Vaya.  It’s a straight shot right into the derailleur.

It’s functioning perfectly, and I look forward to years of faithful service.  For what it’s worth, the X0 weighs about 200 grams, and the Rival weighs a shade less.  The Rival also has an integrated cable tension adjustment at the derailleur and the X0 does not (although the Vaya has an adjuster on the downtube, which makes that less of an issue).


2 thoughts on “Vaya + XO Rear Derailleur

  1. I’ve always thought that the front-entering cable routing of the Sram MTB derailleurs was superior to the large loop of housing required for every other derailleur on the market. A barrel adjuster could easily be incorporated into the front-entry design. The new XX1 even integrates the venerable rollamajig!

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