It’s the beginning of the end for Fat Bikes.

My wife just sent me this picture from her Title Nine catalog.

A Pugsley, being ridden by an oh-so-smiley winterwear model.

They’ve been in Outside twice, and now this.  (Judging by the angle of the bike, it looks like she’s about 0.3 seconds from wiping out.)  Public acceptance of fatbikes = end of the world.


What do I think it really means?  I think that it really means that Fatbikes are catching on.  There may come a time when they are not a niche.  I’ve seen bike shops try to hop on the trend, like a local bike shop that stocked one Surly fatbike (but didn’t pay attention to chainline alignment and has some serious assembly issues).  I’m glad to see Fatbikes growing in popularity, but am hopeful that people will look before they leap, and find a shop with expertise in Fatbikes as I’ve blogged about in the past…rather than just someone who ordered a novelty from the QBP catalog.

Title Nine.  Color me surprised.


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