Here’s Gnat’s new Lefty fatbike. It is oh, so delicious. Titanium (instead of aluminum, like the one I rode). As I said a month or so ago (and as Gnat said further back yet)…the fatbike + front suspension is a game changer.


This past summer I wrote about committing to riding a fatbike as my mountain bike. Back then, I was riding a prototype Salsa Beargrease set up fully rigid. Then while in Utah in July, I rode my friend and coworkers Salsa Mukluk with a custom, modified Cannondale Lefty. I wrote about it here, it was a game changer for me. It is the second most popular post I’ve written on this blog. Ever since then, I’ve been working on putting together my own Mukluk with a Lefty. I finally have finished it and have begun to break it in. Today, I’ll share a few details.

At first glance, one might notice a few things that are different than the last Mukluks I’ve been riding for the past 2 years. This summer fatXC bike is smaller than the Mukluk I ride in the winter. Why is that? Well…In the winter…

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