The Rolling Plains of Plano

I’ve been absent from the blog a bit the past few weeks, and for good reason.  On one hand, I’ve been super busy with work.  On the other hand, I’ve been riding.  A lot.  In 2.5 weeks, I’ve ridden well over 500 miles.  That’s a new personal record.

Friday night, I linked up with Hand of Midas to explore the roads around Plano…roads that he’s been hyping for some time.  It was quite a fun night.  Nighttime, 50 degrees, 50 miles, fog, 1500′ of climbing, moderate headwind for 1/2 the ride, and an honest ‘elapsed time’ 17mph average, on cross bikes, on gravel, no drafting.  We faced suicidal deer, homicidal skunks, and plenty of other wildlife.  And we faced quite a few hills (for Illinois) that were fun to blast up.  Everything from hero hardpack gravel to hills that were so loose, they were hard to even climb up.

It had been raining all day, so I set up the Vaya in anticipation of puddles.

A quick strap-on fender was a good idea.  I’m also experimenting, for the first time, with aero bars.  I’m withholding comments on those pending more experience with them.

Profile Designs T3+ Carbon

Based on my positive experience at Night Bison, I was rocking the Camelbak again, with a 1L container.  I had a bottle on the bike for backup, and that turned out to be an ideal amount of water.  As always, I was sporting MagicShine lights, and in anticipation of upcoming cross, was rocking the Michelin Mud 2s.  I’m going to look forward to getting my Cyclocross Speeds back on the bike in a week.

A friendly Hand of Midas, early in the ride.

Vaya Down!

Snack Break.

It was a good ride.  A hard ride.  A fun ride.  We both pushed each other a bit, but were never winded.  We both rode strong, and well.  Beautiful roads and nighttime scenery, great conversations.  I ended the ride with my legs drained and my soul refilled.  ‘Twas a great night.  Plano–I’ll be back.  Fair warning.



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