Salsa Beargrease Review

You know the drill…pics first.

Tire clearance at the chainstay with 4″ Husker Dü tires. I think 4.7″ tires would fit.

Tire clearance at the seatstay. 4.7″ tires would definitely fit.

Fork clearance. 4.7″ tires will be no problem.

Tapered Steerer.

Lightweight aluminum fork.

Blue annodized Rolling Darryls with stock Salsa hubs.

Nice component build, and one view of the formed aluminum down tube. Very Spearfish-esque.

Bottom bracket. Note 2 spacers on the drive side and 1 on the non-drive side.


Tire clearance in the lowest (little/big) gear. No clearance problems, even with the 2/1 spacers on the BB. 4.7″ tires would require drivetrain modifications.

X9 Trigger Shifters.

It’s got a nice spec on it, with the 2×10 drivetrain.  Note that it has fender eyelets on the fork, but no anything cage mounts, and generally fewer rack mounts than a standard Mukluk.  It also has standard rear dropouts in lieu of the now-standard Alternator dropouts featured on the 2013 Mukluk.

What’s it ride like?  Honestly, it rides like a light Mukluk.  It reminds me of my Schweet Mukluk, post modification.  The aluminum fork is unnoticeable.  Light, effective.  The trigger shifters are nice…I noticed and liked them more than I thought I would–I’d definitely make that switch on my Muk when I get a chance.  Hydro brakes make perfect sense–as I found when I put them on my Muk.  At 28.5 pounds for a Medium, stock build, it’s within spitting distance of the weight of my 2012 Mukluk 2…albeit post modification.  My mods include a carbon fork, hydro XO brakes, the 120TPI Husker Dü tires, upgraded seatpost, saddle, etc.  I bet if I dropped my heavy-ish Jones Loop bars and threw something lighter on the bike, the weight would be about identical between a modified Muk and a Beargrease.

I didn’t notice any changes in geometry, if there are any.  I didn’t get to ride it in mud, snow or seriously adverse conditions, but it felt very familiar and comfortable where I did ride it.  The position feels more Mukluk like (upright) and less Pugsley like (traditional mountain bike).

The formed tubing in the frame saves weight over a regular Mukluk, but I can’t say I noticed a change in ride quality.  My ride time was pretty minimal, to be fair.

So what are you getting with the Beargrease?  A lighter, faster Mukluk.  You can do it the hard way, like I did, by building up a custom Mukluk, or you can buy it stock as a Beargrease and be money, and time, ahead.  The build specs make sense, and the bike works well.








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