45NRTH Wölvhammer Cycling Boot

If you haven’t seen it yet, 45NRTH just released their new Wölvhammer snow boot for cycling.  As they say, they took a trekking boot and adapted it for cycling, rather than taking a cycling boot and trying to make it warm.

200g thinsulate, 1000 denier Cordura, aerogel to isolate the cleat.  Sounds warm.

There’s an inner boot and other boot.  Outer boot has velcro and the calf-strap shown to keep it closed.

This shows the outer boot open.

Nice rear tab for pulling it on…and a simple cinch closure for the front.

SPD compatibel Vibram sole.  (Should also work with Eggbeaters with a Crank Brothers Quattro cleat adapter.)  Looks like it has 2 spots for toe cleats, as well.

Integrated toe loop for gaiters.  (Note: gaiter not included).

According to early press releases, the bottom surround of the boot (above the sole) is leather, for abrasion resistance.  It looks like a really well designed piece of kit.

I’m thinking that my well-loved Shimano MW81s may be utilized for cold weather road rides only, and these new Wölvhammers will take over for fatbike riding.

More 45NRTH products are being released today, so keep an eye open.



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