Salsa Colossal and Salsa Beargrease: Tire Clearance?

MTBR just put up a set of great pics of some of the new Salsa rides.  Two of the pics really intrigue me:

Colossal chainstay clearance.  I’m assuming those are Clement’s Strada LLG Road tires, which are available in 23, 25 and 28c sizing.  Not a lot of clearance at the chain stays for anything larger…

Perhaps even more interesting:

The new Beargrease.  Looks like Rolling Darryl wheels, which are 82mm wide…and Husker Dü tires, which are 4″ wide.  Look at the clearance, particularly at the seat stay.  The seat stay is obviously different from the regular mukluk–no fender mounts.  (Comparison shot:)

I don’t have a shot that shows exactly what I want to show, but here’s a Mukluk 2 with a Big Fat Larry 4.7″ rear tire, caked in snow, that still has extra clearance to the stays.

Compare that to the Beargrease with 4.0″ tires on it, above.  My guess: the Beargrease will likely not clear 4.7″ or 4.8″ tires.  Just a guess, I could be wrong…but it looks to have less tire clearance than current Mukluks.  Of course for racing, 4″ may be all you need…

Update:  See comment below…BFLs will clear on a stock Beargrease.  4.8″ tires MAY NOT.


3 thoughts on “Salsa Colossal and Salsa Beargrease: Tire Clearance?

  1. My beargrease clears my BFL in RD rims, with around 5-7mm clearance with the granny to biggest cog combo. I am using 10speed cogs set without drivetrain modifications

      • Did not changed anything on my beargrease except the tires, coz i have my moonlander’s previous tires available. Put the bud n lou on my moonie. Upgrades done from the built bike purchase of my beagrease. XO shifters, xtr brakes, enve cockpit, bigger rotors. 29lbs weighed at park tool scale. Medium size. And i live here in the philippines, use my fattys in trails here can’t be happier. Actually sold my ful sus RIP9, hardtail chumba hx2, to purchase my moonie n beagrease.

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