Head Exploding with Salsa Goodness (Salsa Stainless Vaya Travel, Salsa Warbird, Salsa Colossal)


I can’t blog fast enough.  Too much goodness coming out.  Here’s Salsa’s official 2013 video:

A few details, in case you missed.

More footage of Warbird and Colossal

No Titanium Vaya for 2013.

New Stainless Steel Travel Vaya with S&S Couplers and Alternator Dropouts for 2013.

Closeup of the Beargrease:

Note the hydroformed down tube…kinda like the Spearfish.  Also, no gusset at the top tube/headtube/downtube junction…and no Anything Cage mounts on the (new lightweight aluminum) fork.

Confirmation that all 2013 Mukluks will have Alternator Dropouts

I’d like a moment of silence for the Ti Vaya.

Does this mean the Vaytanium is a collectible?


5 thoughts on “Head Exploding with Salsa Goodness (Salsa Stainless Vaya Travel, Salsa Warbird, Salsa Colossal)

  1. That travel vaya is pretty nice. I don’t see myself transporting it enough to warrant the (assumed) extra cost. Will have to check that video out. I am still wondering what the cream colored touring bike they sent russ roca over at the path less pedaled is. And yes I think the Vaytanium is a rare item now 🙂

    • Yes–I’m still interested in the cream-colored bike, as well. Hard to imagine what it could be other than a Vaya. I definitely don’t need a travel Vaya–the Vaytanium isn’t going anywhere.

      There are a lot of really sensible changes in products that I really like…I’ll be curious to ride the new bikes–Warbird in particular–and see how they handle. I’ll also be curious how the Colossal builds out (weight) in Titanium. If it can be built up complete around ~17 pounds…hmm…

      • My guess, based on squinting at the matrix behind the product manager in that video is the cream is the new colorway/graphics for the vaya this year. although one of those bikes looks orange. The rumors that were swirling around are that the cream bike was the travel vaya, but that looks like raw stainless only.

        The colossal looks interesting, I am guessing it replaces the casseroll. its a cool bike, and if i didn’t want a go anywhere do anything bike I would be SERIOUSLY considering one of those. The warbird looks fun, but again not what i need NOW (maybe later after i get some gravel miles under me). The bear grease looks very fun.

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  3. I really like how the mukluks are coming standard with fork mounts for anything cages. I believe last year’s Muk3 did not have that.
    Love the oxymoronic sound of a racing fat bike. The fastest fat bike in the world?

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