SRAM XO Brakes for the Mukluk

With the recent Husker Düs and Carver carbon fork, there was another Muk upgrade I had in mind.

I’ve spent a lot of time playing with the Avid BB7s that came stock on the Muk.  I really like the Speed Dial levers that I’ve been using, but the mechanical brakes are a thorn in my side.  (I’m not so fond of their road equivalent on the Vaya either…and I look forward to a hydro conversion on it, some day).

The fork install was the perfect time to throw on a set of Avid XOs.  Since beggars can’t be choosers, these are 2011 XOs…160mm up front, 145mm out back.

They’re pre-bled, and installation was a snap.

Not much to report at this point…they look good and they successfully survived the 3 minute midnight test ride.


5 thoughts on “SRAM XO Brakes for the Mukluk

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