The Rumblefish Ad (For sale…one niiiiiice Rumblefish).

Here’s the deal…I have room in my garage for only so many bikes.  As one comes, one must go.  So while I love the Rumblefish, it has to make room for a new bike.  What should you know about this fish?

It’s a really nice bike, as reviewed here.  It’s been maintained to the same anal-retentive standards as all of my other bikes, as shown by this maintenance post.  It is sporting a seriously blingy set of Easton Haven alloy wheels, UST, set up with a set of Maxxis Ikon EXO tires.

Set up with the awesome dual-chamber DRCV shock.

Shimano SLX drivetrain (stock 3×9) and Avid Elixir 5 brakes.

Here’s the stock build sheet:

2010 Rumblefish I | Gary Fisher Bicycles

Where are the deviations from that build?  Well, it’s going to come without pedals.  The stock bars have been narrowed (as shown in the pics).  I upgraded to Ergon grips.  The stock boat anchor Bontrager Duster wheels are long-gone, upgraded to the Easton Haven / Ikon combination outlined above.  That’s about it.  The only differences between the pics and what you’ll get: 1) I’ll return it back to 3×9 stock drivetrain (instead of the 2×9 currently shown); and, 2) I’m keeping the pedals.  Also, a few pics show wider bars, that I ended up not liking, so look for the pics with the stock Bontragers.  Otherwise, as shown.

It’s a 17.5″.  I’m 6′, with a 32 or 33″ inseam…I can typically ride a 18 or 20″ mountain bike.  I liked the fit on the 17.5″, and am very happy with the sizing.

Condition?  It’s been lovingly maintained as with all of my bikes.  That means the normal regimen: rubber gloves, lots of cleaning, lubrication of any part that moves.  The rumble fish maintenance post shows a lot of what I do to keep it perfect.

Appearance?  As shown in the pics.  There are a few scuffs here and there–the marks of a bike that has been ridden.  No dents, no dings, no real scratches.  It’s never been dropped, it’s never been jumped (more than a few inches), and it’s spent its relatively sheltered life here in the midwest.  It’s always had a chain stay guard on it.  It’s never spent a night outdoors.  It’s never been ridden in the rain.  (Crazy, eh?)  It’s been cared for…perhaps obsessively.

The Havens alone are a $700 purchase.  A new Rumblefish, with this same DRCV shock, and the same ABP rear suspension design, will set you back $3500.  I’m looking to get $2,000 out of the Fish, to go towards an alternate bike build that I’m making space for in the garage.  That’s the local pickup, cash price.  I’m happy to set up shipping for someone, as well.  And I’m happy to send as many detailed pictures as you want.

Tires are in good shape.  No cuts, no holes, no punctures.  I run Stans fluid in them, and have never had a flat or any issue.  Wheels are perfect–no bends, no damage, hubs are tight.  I’m pretty sure I have a spare spindle around for the front hub; I’ll throw that in.  Seatpost is stock length.  Saddle is stock, and in good condition.

Drop me a message with any questions.  I’d prefer to sell to a local rider–and I’m happy to set up a test ride for ‘ya.


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