Salsa. A Year in Pictures.

I’m working on a response to Salsa’s postcard project right now, that requires me to go back and look at the year in pictures, as my life relates to bikes…and more specifically, as it relates to Salsa bikes.  So many great memories.  So many amazing experiences.  The past year has been really fulfilling for me in many ways.  A lot of new challenges, a lot of new tests, a lot of success, and a lot of opportunities to try again.

Their project asks riders to talk about where they want to ride–dream trips or special destinations.  If you had asked me that a few years ago, I would have talked about places–like the School of Spearfish Sedona trip.  If you asked me today, I think my answer has changed.  If you ask me where I’m going today, my answer is forward.  I want to keep progressing forward, and I want to celebrate the journey as much as the destination.  If we only enjoy where we’re going, and we don’t enjoy getting there, we will spend a lot of time unhappy and unfulfilled.  I’ve decided that my life goals cannot all be distant targets–I have to enjoy the ride along the way.  And in the great big metaphor of cycling, I’m in love with the simple way that a good bike translates my efforts into forward progress.  So that’s my dream–to keep moving forward, and to share the ride with good friends and family.

In trying to pare down the Salsa related pictures from the last year, I found that I have several thousand images.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

I thought about posting some links to previous posts, but it’s a ton of the blog.  There’s been the Schweet Mukluk review, the Vaytanium review, the Spearfish 1 review, the Spearfish 2 review, the whole School of Spearfish series, tons of talk about Ti El Mariachis, tons of great rides from mud to snow to camping to gravel to the Barry Roubaix to the Gravel Metric, to the just-posted El Mariachi Tandem.  I could keep going.  I’m mildly (moderately?) obsessed.

In looking back at those pictures, I’ve noticed a few things.  I tend to like the same bike perspectives.  I take way too many pictures from the non-drive side.  My legs are hairier than I remembered.  I can discern between mud from different states, different rides and different seasons.  Sometimes what makes a picture great is the image…and sometimes, it’s the memory that the image triggers.  I should be sponsored by a company that sells bike cleaning products.  Many of my favorite photos are favorites because of who is in them, not because of what they are.  I have some goofy–and great–friends.

Some of the highest highs, and some of the lowest lows, but always riding against the grain.  To Forward Progress.


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