25,000 French Hydraulic Drop Bar Brakes

Ok…this could have been three posts, but it was more fun as one.  Three notes:

1.  We’re now well over 25,000 views.  So we’re doing something right.

2.  I don’t speak french…but there’s some pretty tasty bikes on this french biking site.  How did I find that?  Someone on that site liked the Vaytanium, and linked to it.  Cr-azy.

3.  Hydraulic Drop Bar Brakes…another take on them.  This looks kind of like the fancy-schmancy pieces that Gnat is using on one of his builds…the cable to hydro setup.  I’m sure it works really well…I’m waiting until everything is integrated like in this week’s spy shots from Sea Otter).  Here’s the pic:

Man…those are some beefy brake lines.


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