Whistlering Dixie, Part Deux:

Crazy conditions.  Raining at the bottom.  Blistering wind at the top.  Epic in the middle.  Another great day with Danica and the Extreme ™.

Lots of time in the trees today.

Note the Bontrager Balaclava.  Also, I’m sporting an Arc’teryx jacket which is, bar none, the best raincoat/shell I’ve ever had.  I’ll review it someday.

We did a ton of unmarked, unpatrolled areas and found some great powder stashes…

And a lot of black diamond glades that had some great conditions.

We also hit the bowls.  At the top of the mountain, windy white-outs.  But once you got below the top, the bowls were most awesome.

I’m realizing, in retrospect, that at the moments of best skiing, we were too busy skiing to take pictures.  Didn’t even think about it.  I guess today I was more skier, and less blogger.  But since this is a bike blog, I hope you’ll forgive me.

One picture sums up the day: all smiles from the Extreme ™.


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