Bontrager Balaclava Review

Just a quickie review of the Bontrager Balaclava.

I have one, and love it.  I use it for all of my winter biking, and pressed it into service for skiing this year, as well.  It is made of a material that is kind of like a soft-shell coat; warm, water repellent, wind resistant.  It is more water/wind resistant than polar fleece, and doesn’t get too hot like polar fleece can.  It’s a great weight for activities that you wear a helmet while doing–might be too light by itself.

But the best feature is that the ‘face cover’ part of the balaclava is sewn up very high on the sides, by your ears, and is very adjustable.  You can go from having your face exposed (when it’s warm):

(No idea where that look came from–potentially the least attractive RATG picture ever).

When it’s a bit chillier and you want to cover your chin:

Or the full-on, it’s freezing:

Note: if I had tried, I could have covered that little strip of forehead that’s showing.

I’ve washed mine a dozen or so times, with no ill effects; it has held up perfectly.  For some reason, it doesn’t develop as much icing as other balaclavas I’ve had have developed (when worn over your mouth).

I have absolutely no complaints about it.  It’s the best helmet liner/balaclava I’ve ever had.  For biking, skiing, or other winter/helmet activities, it’s perfect.  Perfect!

As with all bike products, buy it at your local bike shop.  I bought mine at North Central Cyclery.


2 thoughts on “Bontrager Balaclava Review

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