School of Spearfish Day Three: A Day of Xtremes.

When I saw GMatt start the day by guzzling an entire 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew, I knew things were gonna get a little Xtreme today.

Then, I saw that while we were sleeping, the Spearfish had all nestled snugly together, hanging from the stairs.

At that moment, it struck me.  How often does something like this trip happen in one’s life.  How often would that many amazing bikes be gathered in one place, with such amazing people.

We were incredibly lucky to have a couple locals, Scotty and Joey, take us into the wild today–through a few gullys and up onto the Red Rocks to Chicken Point, which was aptly named.  The routes they chose were stunning in many ways.  They were stunningly beautiful, as the pics below will show.  And it was stunning to see the progression in skill level exhibited by all of the SoS riders.  Really, I don’t have a lot to say today.  I think the pics do it better justice than I can.

BPaul and GMatt getting ready to drop into a wash:

RTobie, striking a pose.

BPPhil, with a game face:

Terrain was varied–from relatively green areas to completely barren slick rock.

From left to right: Joey, Scotty, Phil, Tobie, Dean, Matt, Paul.

Paul’s chiseled jawline against the chiseled sandstone.

Some areas of the trail were surprisingly tight.

A great day of riding for all.

After a big ride, the SoS team cleaned up, grabbed some lunch in the ManVan, and headed North to the Canyon that is Grand.  And it is.  (Grand).

RTobie, at the end of the world.

GMatt, doing something rare: not taking his own picture.

Throwin’ down with BPPhil:

The SoS Crew: GMatt, Dean, BPaul, RTobie, BPPhil.


As the sun dropped below the rim of the Canyon, we piled back into the ManVan and headed to Flagstaff for dinner, and then back to Sedona.  I’m usually not at a loss for words–words are often my strength.  Not to seem cliched, but I think the pictures speak for themselves, and tell the story of Day 3 better than I could.  Here’s the highest compliment I can pay to the Salsa Spearfish after Day 3.  They were completely invisible.  Under a team of riders with incredibly varying experience, over incredibly varying terrain, they were never a limiting factor in anyone’s performance, and they allowed each of us to reach new heights, literally and figuratively, with our riding.  No malfunctions, no breakage, no issues of any kind.  Just light, fast, solid.  Ending a day that had included a lot of hopping, pounding and bashing over rocks from grain of sand size to the size of a small town, we all felt fresh–and we all felt confident.  And then we saw the Canyon, and all felt awed.  This is the kind of trip that generates experiences…experiences like the one I had yesterday, and like the one that I know the whole SoS crew had yesterday.  Experiences that make you feel big and small.  And even in the moments of feeling small, feeling a part of something bigger.


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