AATLT: Bar Tape

You may have noticed that we’re big on acronyms here at RATG.

AATLT is All About The Little Things.  Today’s edition relates to….BAR TAPE!!!

I hate doing bar tape.  My A/R tendencies make me tape and retape, over and over again, to get it just right.  And then I get a wrinkle, gap, or other issue that makes me go insane.  But hey…after a while, I get it right.

When you get to the end of the tape and want to secure it to the bars, what to do?  My favorite wrap, Lizard Skins, includes some nice matching tape to finish the job.  That’s a perfect solution.  But if you’re rewrapping the same tape or using a different brand of tape, what do you do?  Sure…there’s always electrical tape.  But I have a cleaner, stronger, easier solution.

Silicone sealant tape.  It adheres to itself (and only itself).  Once it’s bonded to itself, it will not come apart.  It is waterproof and very durable.  But if you do need to take it off, you can cut it with a razor knife, and it will peel off with no sticky residue or anything else left behind.  You can also wrap it nice and tight around the end of the bar tape, and get a really nice looking edge/seal on the tape:

It’s available at home improvement stores everywhere.  This particular brand came from Home Depot.  After it bonds to itself for a while, it will not come apart.  No loose ends to unravel, no issues, no problems.  Just neat and clean edges.  The Vaytanium is much happier now…

By the way, the setup featured in the pic above is a 3T Ergonova LTD carbon fiber drop handlebar, 42cm, with Lizard Skins DSP bar tape over Bontrager IsoGel bar gel…for super smooth gravel riding.  I neglected to take a “during” picture showing the bar gel, but here it is:

AATLT No. 1.  Bar Tape with Silicon Tape sealant.  You read about it here, first.