Kask Rex Helmet Review

For the past few months, I’ve been wearing a Kask Rex Helmet for my mountain biking duties.  I’ve also pressed it into service for a new venture I’m trying with my daughter–horseback riding.

I picked the Rex because my old MTB helmet had seen better days and was due for replacement.  I wanted something with a sturdy, branch-deflecting visor, a good fit system, great ventilation, and perhaps most importantly…good coverage for the base/rear of skull.  I’m constantly surprised by the number of MTB helmets out there that fail to provide any protection to this relatively vulnerable part of the skull.

IMG_1876 IMG_3380

IMG_3607The Rex provides great full-head coverage and excellent ventilation.  In terms of fit, it has Kask’s excellent systems that you’ll recognize from their road helmets.  The chin strap is a delightfully comfortable leather with infinite adjustment (via buckle).

The ‘fit around the head’ is done by virtue of the strap around the back of your noggin.  It has a nice, tactile dial that you can use to adjust to the proper tension–with a large enough dial that you can adjust it even when wearing winter gloves.  It has palpable detents as it turns, but they’re small enough that you can make finely-tuned, nuanced adjustments.  If you’re wearing a helmet all day, the ability to crank it up or down a notch can make a huge difference in terms of helmet fit.

The other critical part of the rear band is Kask’s system for adjusting the height of the car band.  It is adjustable with an indexed vertical adjustment–again, there are palpable detents that allow fine tuning.  What this means is that it can accommodate the shape of your head with great comfort.  For some, you need to be able to position the strap at the very rear of your head and have it held in place for maximum comfort.  With the shape of my head, I like to move the strap a little lower, just below the part where your skull starts curving inwards towards the neck, to help hold the helmet on your head in the event of a crash.  The Kask is perfect for that purpose.

It’s light, it’s well ventilated, and thus far (six or so months in) has proven very durable.  Fit is true to form for Kask–I’m decidedly a L/XL, but can just barely squeeze into a M if it’s all the way loose (and if I don’t wear a cap).  I have not yet tested the crashworthiness, but I’m comforted to see how well it covers the sides and rear of my head, as a good MTB helmet should.  Quality has been typical Kask, which is to say perfect.

At this point, highly recommended.


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