Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Post

I haven’t seen this in person yet or ridden it, but I’m excited about it.  Here’s the news from Pinkbike.

Based on bad experiences with hydro droppers, I think the cable-actuated makes sense. (It’s also nice that they can be modulated more than hydro versions).
More importantly, it looks like Crank Brothers have put a lot of thought into the design of the actuator lever, and allow for a reasonable installation. While I like my Thomson a lot, I’m frustrated that the cable is designed to come straight forward out of the actuator lever, and has to make a 90 degree turn to go across the front of the bike, and then another 90 to go to the back. This Crank Brothers design is more elegant, and also better protected from trail damage.
As far as “only” 125mm of travel, that’s all I need for my purposes…when I’ve had more, I’ve used a limiting collar to reduce travel and allow for hitting known comfortable positions.  Some may need more for different terrain, and that’s great–but to me, 125mm is not a disadvantage.
I do recall the days of the Joplin dropper by CB, and I had a Joplin on my first “real” MTB.  Actually, I had a couple Joplins on there, through warranty replacements.  The last one I had worked admirably for a long time, and is still on that bike to this date.  I’m guessing that CB has done a lot of testing on the Highline to avoid any repeat of Joplin syndrome.
I look forward to checking out the new dropper at some point in the future.

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