ENVE the Mandem

With the recent availability of my ENVE 29XCs, the Mandem has received an upgrade.




As expected, they’re snappy, durable, incredibly fast, and awesome looking. These are 32/32 laced to DT240 hubs. I’ll give a durability update in a few months…

As related in my last post, the ENVEs weigh 780/852 grams front and rear, versus 966/1236 grams for the generic aluminum wheels that were previously on the Mandem.




That’s a reduction of 570 grams of rotating mass–1 and 1/4 pounds. A reduction in rotating mass, going to a wheel that is wider, more aerodynamic and stronger. Win, win, win.

I look forward to a lot of miles on the Mandem.  I also look forward to one final upgrade.  Stay tuned.


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