Reverb Dropper Post Update

The last update I did on the Trek Fuel EX 9.9 indicated that I really didn’t use the dropper post much.  That was then.  This is now.

Now, I can’t imagine riding without it.  It’s truly a game-changer.

Extend it to full height and pedal, climb, cruise with maximum efficiency.  But when the trail turns technical or heads downhill, drop the saddle a few inches and confidence soars.  Your center of gravity lowers, your ability to move in front of or behind the saddle–to move anywhere on the bike–is greatly increased.  It’s a whole different ballgame.

I wasn’t really using the dropper until a friend of mine explained the significant advantages.  I figured what the heck–and gave it a shot.  I’m glad I listened.  It makes a HUGE difference in your ability to control the bike, and in your confidence going quickly through difficult terrain.  I LOVE the ability to go up and down with the handlebar-mounted control. Increasing confidence means increasing speed, which means pedaling less, which means going further, faster, with less effort.  Win, win, win.


Well…a year in, my Reverb has about a 1/4″ at the top of the travel where it feels soft.  It goes all the way up, but when you sit, it settles just a smidge.  I need to spend some quality time with it and try to figure that out.

My other criticism is really more of a wishlist.  I wish it had 2 positions: fully extended, and a ‘down’ position.  In a perfect world, you could hit a button and have it drop to the drop setting (without having to weight it), then hit it again and have it fully extend.  That would be a very complicated system, and isn’t likely to happen anytime soon…but it would be magical.  I think I’d prefer to have  a shorter travel dropper, so you could drop through all the travel and hit your ‘down’ position quickly.  As it is, when I’m dropping, I sometimes overshoot and then end up with the saddle too low…and then you’re either riding super-low, or trying to raise it up a smidge while cruising hard terrain.

In any event…at one time I was talking about just putting a standard post on the bike.  I’m incredibly glad I didn’t.  The dropper post makes a huge difference, and I highly recommend it.  If I was getting one, I’d look at the Thomson one, and I’d look to see what Crank Brothers is coming out with.  Ideally, it would be cable controlled, rather than hydraulic…as I suspect that my soft spot is a hydro issue.  There will probably be an upgrade in my future, at some point.


2 thoughts on “Reverb Dropper Post Update

  1. regarding the less travel request. Your shop should have given you an ‘Enduro Collar’ for the post, it looks like a seat clamp and you clamp it to the shaft at a chosen height to restrict how much drop you get. A 5 second job.

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