Bontrager CX0 Tire Update

I’ve previously written about my much-loved CX0 tires here and also here.  I’ve been running CX0s for three years now, and have many thousands of miles on them, in both 34 and 38c width.  The vast majority of that time was tubeless, although there was some tubed time on the Vaya.

These are the CX0s currently mounted on my Moots.  These tires show about 1200 miles. The front looks great:

The rear looks decidedly more worn. IMG_3936

They still have a lot of life left in them, though.  I tend to replace about 2 rear tires to every 1 front tire.  On the Moots, I run a 38c up front and a 34c in the rear, for better mud clearance.

With these tires, tubeless, I’ve had precisely 2 flats, both of which were sealed on the spot with Stans (just get the hole on the bottom of the tire, shake some stans down to it, and inflate).  The second flat was about a month ago, when I cut a tire on a sharp storm drain inlet, and it sealed up on its own in about a minute, after the shake and pump routine.  Who knows how many more smaller holes I’ve had that have healed on their own without my knowledge.

What do I think about the CX0s?  I love them.  At Kanza, I know three riders who were in a group–one was riding CX0s tubeless, and the others were riding other tires with tubes.  In 150 miles, the CX0 had no flats; the other two riders had 7 flats.  They’re really and truly fantastic tires.  They do wear on the faster side, in the rear of the bike where the weight is carried…and particularly if you ride pavement with them a lot.  That tradeoff is worth it, when considering their light weight, toughness, and low rolling resistance.  They’re not fantastic in mud (although the side treads do an admirable job of trying to push through muck), but on gravel, they are without equal.


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