Brooks C-17 Cambium Saddle Update

I’ve previously shared my affinity for the Brooks Cambium, after spending a few months on it.  Now, with a year under my belt, I have some further thoughts.

I’ve put a few thousand miles on the Cambium on my Moots.  I’ve also been rocking a Cambium (well, two cambiums) on the Mandem.  This is what the Cambium on the Moots looks like after a year and a few thousand miles:



None the worse for wear.

The good news:  It’s amazingly comfortable.  It’s heavier than the Ergon I used to run, but I leave it on because it is SO comfortable that the tradeoff is worth it.  It’s good in all weather and all conditions.  It’s got a great texture that is not too slippery, and no to grippy.  It’s reliable and durable.  It looks great.  Did I mention that it’s comfortable, even for 150+ mile days in the saddle?

The bad news:  When it gets cold out, it creaks.  The cure to this is to loosen up the bolts and put a tiny amount of lube (I use a grease) on the contact points.  And it’s heavier than a top of the line race saddle.  That’s it.

My conclusion after a lot of time on this saddle is that it’s fantastic, and for a gravel/allroad bike, there is no better saddle out there.  I’m not changing any time soon.

I see that Brooks introduced the C13 Carbon Cambium that addresses my weight critique–but the C13 is substantially narrower than the C17.  When they come out with a carbon C17, I’ll be interested.  Until then, I’m picking comfort over the loss of a few grams.

I have tried the C-17 Carved, which is also very comfortable, but it addresses a problem that I haven’t experienced (I don’t find that the regular Cambium causes any crotchal discomfort, so I’ve stuck with it).  I have also tried the C-17 short version, and found it to be too short–I found myself sitting on the rivets, which is decidedly not comfortable.  In addition, I tried the C-15, and found the narrower profile to be not quite as comfy for me as the C-17 is.  So in sort, the C-17 is my Goldilocks solution: just right.

If you haven’t tried one, consider giving it a shot.


4 thoughts on “Brooks C-17 Cambium Saddle Update

  1. I love my C17 too, and even enjoy the creaking – a little. I’ll try your idea about lubing the bolts. Any ideas for cleaning it? Mine’s gotten pretty mud-stained, and soap and water has only done so much…

  2. I had a C15 Regular and though it was too hard and switched changed to the C17 Carved with great results. In fact, I have the C17 Carved on my Mountain and Gravel bikes. Great saddle for both applications. I chose the Carved because it flexes even more than the Regular version. (in my experience.)

    I also use a 10:1 Simple Green spray and nylon brush to clean.

    No squeaking from my saddles and I ride year round in PA / DE / MD.

  3. been wanting to try one for yonks – just need to look at sit bones as i ride a narrow saddle on the road bike and a B17 on tourer. But also had a Swift in the past which I loved and a swallow which i didnt …..

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