45NRTH Sturmfist 4 Update

I had previously shared some preliminary thoughts on the Sturmfist 4.  I now have quite a few miles and hours on them, and have some updates.

They are, bar none, the best cold weather bike gloves I’ve ever worn.  They’re the best cold weather gloves I’ve ever worn.  Ski gloves, mittens, whatever you want to compare them against.

Last weekend, I did several hours on the fatbike, out in the wind, riding snowmobile tracks across bare farm fields.  Temps were 13 degrees, wind was 25mph, wind chill was bitter.  I wore the gloves, by themselves, no chemical heaters, nothing else.  My hands were perfectly warm and comfortable.  I even stopped to drop air pressure.  Because the wool liner gloves are so flexible, I was able to remove just the shell glove, and keep the liners on while I fiddled with the presta valve stem.

Last night, temps were around -6, wind chill was around -30.  Moreover, it was dark.  I did have a pair of chemical heaters in the gloves, and frankly, my hands weren’t just comfortable…they were warm.  Not a tinge of coldness, notwithstanding riding somewhat technical trails and having to have a finger constantly on the brake lever.  I threw the heaters in the shell about 20 minutes before the ride, the gloves were warm and toasty when I put them on, and my hands were perfect the whole ride.

Cold hands and cold feet are the single biggest challenge for me in the winter, because I have poor circulation due to the Raynauds.  The 45NRTH Wolvhammer and Sturmfist combination are, quite frankly, what enable me to ride outside when it’s cold out.  There is no way I can overstate how much of an improvement these two products have made in the quality of my winter riding.  Without them, I either can’t ride outside, or I ride outside and freeze.  And I’m talking painful, hands stop working, no color or blood flow, potentially damaging cold hands.

I can’t speak to long-term durability of the gloves yet.  But if you have cold hands, the Sturmfist 4 is the glove you should be looking at.  There are few products that have had such a direct and meaningful impact on my personal comfort.  There are many companies that make jackets, or pants, or hats.  I have not found any company that makes a comparable glove.  They are a game changer–they are a product that literally makes my life better.  I can offer no higher praise.


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