Last night, my local bike shop North Central Cyclery hosted Brozen, a Salsa demo night.  Despite ice-covered roads, horizontal snow, 10 degree temps and 30 mph winds, nearly 30 people showed up for the demo, and more than 20 went for a group ride at 8pm.

The ride included some frozen river time, some time on the Chrail (Chad’s Trail), and some general snow hootenanny.  I rode my Beargrease, but also spent time on a Blackborrow, a Bucksaw, and a Mukluk with a Bluto.  More thoughts on those another time.

The purpose of today’s brief post is to thank Salsa and E-Fred for bringing down such an incredible collection of bikes, and to thank NCC for again hosting amazing events in such an unlikely locale.  Because of NCC, DeKalb is something of a cycling attraction, and that’s not an easy undertaking.  We were able to ride the latest fat bikes, in actual winter conditions, with fresh powder and a hard freeze on the river, and it was fantastic in every way.  Expectations were exceeded, and a fantastic night was had.


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