45NRTH Sturmfist

Click on over to the 45NRTH website to see their new STURMFIST gloves.

If you were at the North Central Cyclery winter clinic last week, you got to see these gloves before they were released.  Literally, a pair was hand courier’d from the factory to NCC for the demo night.

They’re available in 5 finger and 4 finger, with the 4 finger combining your ring and pinky finger…so you still have full shifting/braking, and you get the warmth of the 4 finger design. Bulk is about equivalent to a ski glove with the 4 finger…but you get the benefit of the aerogel insert in the palm and fingers, to provide a complete thermal barrier from cold grip/bars, and from the onslaught of cold wind on the very leading edge of your body.

The Sturmfist look great–and sizing runs pretty true.  I’m a L in most gloves, and a L in the Sturmfist.

Get ’em while you can.


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