Moots Cycles: The Difference is the Miters.

The factory floor is covered with milling machines, each one of which is set up for a specific task.

The workers take the bent tubes, load them into the custom CNC’d jigs, and slowly cut the miters in the tubes to precise angles.

After they cut, they test fit the tubing in a master bike frame jig.

If the joint is in any way imperfect, they take a hand file (such as a small rattail file), and dress the joint to perfection.  This creates two things.  It creates piles of titanium shavings from the hole saws…

And it creates joints that fit like this:

Perfect.  Impeccably tight.

Those joints aren’t welded…they’re just held in place in a jig.  You can’t even slide a piece of paper in between the pieces.

Beautiful, amazing joints that are ready to be hand TIG-welded.

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