Moots Cycles: The Difference is the Bends.

Moots bikes are handmade in their factory in Steamboat Springs.  Each bike is handmade to a specific set of plans, based on the size and options for the bike.

Moreover, they don’t just make the bikes…they make the jigs.  They CNC their own solid aluminum tubing jigs and related hardware to use in bending and welding up the frames.

Here, you can see one of their custom jigs in action, with an already bent tube being mitered with a hole saw in a 3 axis milling machine.

Really, really beautiful Bridgeports and other vintage milling machines.

They make a lot of their own bending machines as well.

As they start to build a bike to their plan, they start assembling a pile of tubing.

That pile of tubing grows and grows, until all of the parts of a bike are there.

I was fortunate enough to be able to watch them bend some of the tubing–some bends are done by hand, and some are done with incredible amounts of hydraulic pressure.  Each bend is done with great precision, accommodating the amount of spring back that the material will have, such that the finished tubing is exactly to the right degree.

The men and women that do this work–they’re artists.  They make it look easy.  And what happens to those tubes once bent?  You’ll see in the next post.

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