I spent most of last week up in the mountains at Moots’ headquarters in Steamboat.  Fair warning…my posting over the coming days will largely consist of amazing mountain scenery and an in-depth discussion of Moots.  But before I get to that, I wanted to touch on a slightly less direct topic: fitness.

You see, I travelled with three of my best friends.  When we arrived in Colorado, we drove up to Estes Park, and headed out on a hike up to Sky Pond.  We spent the days following that riding mountain bikes in the mountains.  All this done by flatlanders from Illinois.

We hiked at a good clip, and mountain biked with locals.  Sure, our hearts pounded, but we rode and rode and rode.  I remember going skiing just a few years ago, and the act of getting out of the car would cause me to lose my breath.  Trying to hike up the mountain a bit was incredibly laborious.  I would mutter under my breath about the thin air, and would attribute my difficulties to altitude.

The point of this post, then, is to recognize that over the past several years, I’ve gotten into much better shape.  I’m not flaunting or bragging about that–but I’m recognizing it, and acknowledging how deeply thankful I am for the luxury of fitness.  I realize,  more than most, that fitness is a combination of choice, stubbornness, ability and luxury.  I have an incredibly busy schedule, but I make time for fitness (and my family lets me do so).  I have a body that has some physical limitations, but which enables me to do many things.  I have limited natural abilities, but my stubbornness enables me to stay on the bike longer than I perhaps otherwise would.  Being fit–being thin–being able…these are incredible combinations of gift and accomplishment, and it has never struck me so clearly as when I was in the mountains, just how lucky I am to enjoy them.

I’m also incredibly lucky to be surrounded by friends who make positive lifestyle choices, and whose bad habits are things like riding bicycles…instead of some of the other habits I see exhibited by people in the world around me.

So fitness.  Thank you for fitness.  Much Fitness.


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