Moots Psychlo X Update

On Wednesday morning, it rained 3-4 inches.  Since it’s getting dark earlier, we’ve switched from late afternoon road rides to gravel rides after dark.  With inches of rain on the gravel roads, I was anticipating a sloppy ride, and thus contemplated all of the various tasks I had to do to make the Moots ready for wet, sloppy gravel.  I put together a checklist and started to work:

  1. Reduce tire pressure from 45psi to 40psi, front and rear.
  2. Slap on rear fender.

That’s it.  That’s all.  Preparing the Moots for a 120 mile endurance ride with 10,000+ feet of climbing looks like this:

  1. Velcro on the top-tube bag.
  2. Add third bottle cage on down tube.

That’s it.

The Psychlo X is one of the most amazing, comfortable, fast, confident, all-around-awesome bikes I’ve ever ridden.  The new geometry on it means that it shreds when you want to push hard, but somehow feels relaxed and confident when you’re slogging up hills all day.  On my particular bike, the combination of components (Di2, ENVE wheels and bars, Bontrager CXO tires, Ergon saddle) means that it’s always ready for anything.  It never has a mechanical.  I’ve put several thousand miles on it, and haven’t even had a flat.  I wash it once in a while, clean/lube the chain, pump the tires, and oh-yeah…I charged the Di2 battery once.  It is a bike for all seasons, for all conditions, for all rides.  I’m sure Moots would rather that you also bought a VaMoots for this purpose, but the Psychlo X could be a very convincing road bike if you ran slicks on it.  I’ve gotten so comfortable with how this bike handles that it makes me a better rider, even when I’m tired.  It’s truly a great bike.

Next week, I’m taking a couple days and heading out to Steamboat to see the Moots factory, ride some bikes, and hang with some very good friends.  I’m sure I’ll be writing about it when I have time–it looks to be an amazing trip.

One other quick note…I’ve previously talked about the Minotaur–that mythical beast that combines a Psychlo X front end with a rear that offers more rear tire clearance (at the expense of longer seat stays).  Moots has now formally released that design for next year, as the Routt.

Photo from Interbike, courtesy of Jason at Moots.

I wrote this post on 9/11, which is a day that holds a lot of meaning for me, for many different reasons that aren’t really related to this blog.  Suffice it to say, I’m happy to be writing about an American company, building bikes in America, on this day.  I’m even happier that it’s a company that makes such awesome bikes.


7 thoughts on “Moots Psychlo X Update

  1. Sorry for the double post but I just thought of this question. What do you think of the YBB option for the Psychlo? It would take the edge off of bumps but have you ever felt like you needed it?

    • I had thought about it. Honestly, running tubeless tires at 40-45 psi does just about everything I think you’ll really need. I’m concerned that the YBB would add extra weight, extra complexity, and extra parts to fail without a real upside. I’m also a little worried about pedal bob. I know you can lock it out, but I find the frame to already have a great deal of shock absorption (vertical compliance), especially with a good seat post like a Moots, Eriksen or ENVE. I thought about doing YBB, but have never regretted not doing it.

  2. Well put Sir. I work in the defense industry and see American manufacturing at its best. I feel the same! I put my dollars towards American innovation and manufacturing in the cycling industry, but also with companies that keep it here at home.

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