Fizik Antares VS Saddle Update

I’ve been riding the Fizik Antares for 2 years now, with the original review from July of 2012.  In that time, it has lived on the Ridley, and now on the Madone, and has accumulated thousands of miles.  I feel pretty good about my ability to review it at this point.

I’ve changed a lot of things on the Madone…drivetrain, bars, etc., but I’m not changing the saddle.  It’s perfect.

From a wear perspective, if I took the saddle off (and if you couldn’t see the mounting scuffs on the rails), you wouldn’t know it wasn’t new.  It has held up amazingly well.  The ‘patent leather’ looking sides of the saddle have done an amazing job of not showing wear or scuffs.  The foam and shell have not broken down at all, notwithstanding some hard use.  Even the printing on the saddle still looks like new.

I typically like saddles that are pretty flat, but the Antares VS has some curve to it.  Nonetheless, I find it amazingly comfortable, even for long days in the saddle.  It’s had 4 century rides, and a ton of 40-70 mile rides, and I’ve never had a complaint about it.

As I mentioned the other day, shifting forward or back an inch can have a huge impact on how the saddle feels, and I appreciate that it gives me some placement flexibility on the bike.  I find the saddle comfortable for long, steady rides, and also for high-power sprintathons.  What more can you ask for?


Comfort has been great.

Durability has been amazing (better than I could have hoped for).

Aesthetics are still fantastic.

Responsiveness in different conditions has been perfect.

The saddle is lightweight and has an appropriate balance of rigidity and flexibility.

What more could you ask for in a road saddle?  (If I was doing it again, I might get carbon rails just for the uff-dah factor, but the K:ium rails have worked perfectly thus far.)  The Fizik Antares VS gets two cheeks up.


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